Download Monster Legends RPG 6.3.4 Apk


  •  New! Embark on mission and get countless rewards! Especially for Google Play Monster Legends! Go to the game, touch the achievements icon and face these challenges
  •  Feed to produce scary hybrids and fighters and to acquire new skills.
  •  More than 180 unique monsters ... and new animals meet every week.
  •  3 Heads to fight against 3 battles!
  •  Choose between Adventure or Arena mode to fully test your skills, strategy and endurance!
  •  Choose your opponents
  •  Leaderboard
  • Unlock the Treasures as you proceed through the map of Adventures: A world of miracles, dangers and unknown anti monsters is waiting for
  • Benefit
  • Now you can get Starter Pack to increase your progress up to $ 1.99, which has an extraordinary discount of 98%! Do not miss the chance to include an epic mushroom, gold, food and precious gem!
  • Stay social and help your friends!


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Download Monster Legends RPG 6.3.4 Apk Download Monster Legends RPG 6.3.4 Apk Reviewed by RDT ANDROID on April 17, 2018 Rating: 5

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