Download DEAD 2048 1.3.0 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money]

How to play:

  • Slide to move defense towers (diagonally up, down, left, right) when two towers with a single touch touch one, they merge into one
  • Build a tall tower to protect yourself against zombie waves along the fence path
  • Rectify and use elements wisely to help you in difficult times
  • 131072 defense tower (biology laboratory) was built, the player wins!

For the players WHO:

  • They are great fans of 2048 free games
  • They are big fans of tower defense games
  • They are big fans of the zombies 
  • They are tired of the same free games
  • They are looking for a new experience
  • I like playing games from the end (closing)
  • Just keep the game worth playing
  • I like to upload my plays on YouTube.

Defense Tower:

  • 2: wooden frame tower
  • 4: warehouse tower
  • 8: camera tower
  • 16: HQ Tower
  • 32: Post Tower
  • 64: Big Post Tower
  • 128: Crossbow Tower
  • 256: Big Crossbow Tower
  • 512: Guard of the Guard
  • 1024: Tower of the Great Guard
  • 2048: Shotgun Tower
  • 40 9 6: Big Shotgun Tower
  • 8192: Canon Tower
  • 16384: Tower of Big Canon
  • 32768: Atomic Plant
  • 65536: Research Tower
  • 131072: Biology Laboratory

What they say in the south, a man has to do, what a man has to do

ZOMBIS along the way
  • Season 1: Walker "People Call Me, Because I Walk" Walking vs Zombies Vs.
  • Season 2: Bonis "I like the brain, like the rest walker" vs zombies who go
  • Season 3: Riders "You do not have to save the zombies, only your friends"
  • Season 4: Buster "I'm safe with head shots" vs. zombie walking
  • Season 5: Scanners "Beware of dead bodies running on smart phones"
  • Season 6: Stallers "Wake up like this" Walking vs Zombie
  • Season 7: Pukeers "I like it when people throw me over" make walking vs. Zombies
  • Season 8: Veterans "I'm fond of a great zombie" versus running lash vs

Game Features

  • No, this is not a simple puzzle game 2048
  • No, this is not a normal zombie game
  • No, this is not a simple tower defense game (Road to Survival)
  • Easy to play and fun - (but hard to master)
  • Extremely addictive and a great free time killer
  • Updates and boosters to help during challenging times
  • You can play without an internet connection
  • The game client is available in 11 languages ​​(English, Spanish, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese)


If You Don’t Know How To Download?

Download Here  

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