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The last day on Earth is a game of zombie existence, where all living beings are driven by one goal: to stay alive until you can. No place was left for friendship, love and compassion when the apocalypse arrives, then you can trust only you and your weapon.

Instructions for survivors:

Keep calm and art! 
Upgrade your most deadly skills and weapons against Zombie Walkers and other players. Hit their heads!

Build a shelter!

 Make a solid foundation for the safety of your life and belongings from the people of the dead attack and other survivors. Art and place to captivate and regret stealing. 

Enemies everywhere!
 Dominate and control the cruel post-aqualiteic world. Hunting or hunting 

Choose your vehicle for life!
 Do not miss the opportunity to drive a helicopter due to death games and post-apocalyptic scenarios.

overcome difficulties! 

Wild animals, hunger, thirst and cold can kill you faster than the dead army. Prepare food to hunt animals and fires, rain catchers collect water and kill other players to obtain their supplies. Feel the reality of the truth!

Explore new areas!

 Find the devastating military shelters and survivors to find and obtain the most valuable resources. Take a trip to the Kraft survival vehicles and the ruins of the left city. You can travel to distant areas and build a shelter where you want.

Join a clone! 

There are more powers, more opportunities and more chances that you will not die today, but any other person claims the area with your clan and gives others the opportunity to work for you. 

Interact with other players!
 Use chat, notifications are the second most important resource in this world, which are fully functioning crowds.

The outbreak of an unknown zombie infection in 2027 destroyed the majority of the world's population. Life was consuming people, but the epidemic was turning them into a multitude of tyrannical victims. Stay alone or meet with colleagues: you are the only one who chooses his own path in a completely chaotic world. You can use any method to surviveWelcome to the real zombie apocalypse! In the case of your decision on the last day on Earth, every mistake you make can be fatal. If you fail, then you must start over. Nature will try to eliminate you quickly like a zombie or another player. Be careful when choosing colleagues today, your partner has saved you from death and tomorrow you can shoot him for the horoscope of the horoscope

.Download and enjoy the last day on Earth: a new zombie survival game today!

what's new

  1. - It seems that in the bunker, the generator is loaded enough to knock down the elevator to the fourth floor.
  2. - The invaders have new discoveries, which means there are even more ways to achieve their goodwill.
  3. - The wrong recipe was changed now can be used to protect your home
  4. - During the raids, we created the opportunity to break the furniture with an ax to make the chest our way.
  5. - In the game there is a temporary oak area with interesting events
  6. - We have added the Korean language.

Mod  features:

  1. free elaboration
  2. Unlimited gold coins: add coins each time with coins (on the map, buy restarting skills, promote XP)
  3. Unlimited crafts and construction materials: can build / build without resources (wood / stone, etc.)
  4. Unlimited skill points - Growth
  5. Duplicate by division
  6. Maximum durability
  7. monstrous energy
  8. Pressure booster free xp
  9. Infinite fuel


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